Preserved Flowers And Their Meanings

Rose Bouquet (Preserved)

Preserved Flowers And Their Meanings This article is written in collaboration with Embrace Funeral Services Preserved flowers are used to decorate anything from weddings to homes, and they come in a variety of colours and styles. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of preserved flowers, how they are made, and what […]

General Cut Flower Care Tips – A Simple Guide

Flower Care Tips Article

General Flower Care Tips Caring for your Fresh Cut Flowers After all the excitement of receiving a fresh bouquet of cut flowers, it would be such a waste if these flowers are unable to last long enough for us to admire and enjoy them! Caring for your cut flowers does not require a lot of […]

Making of ‘Bespoke’ – Gerbera and Eustoma Bouquet

Gerbera and Eustoma (Bespoke)

Behind The Scenes Our First Bespoke Bouquet Gerbera and Eustoma Bouquet Wouldn’t it be great if you can receive a gift that is specially customised for you? It was such a joy for us creating these bespoke gerbera and eustoma bouquets for our friends! Their stories add tons of value and meaning to these flowers, […]

7 Key Principles of Floral Design

Key Principles of Floral Design blog

Back to Basics 7 Key Principles of Floral Design Floral Design 101 As we start to consider how floral bouquets can be created and designed in ways that can positively stimulate our senses and improve our emotional well-being, we began researching on some of the key principles of floral design in greater details. As part […]

Making of ‘Beginnings’ – A Simple Hydrangea Bouquet

Simple DIY Hydrangea Bouquet

Behind The Scenes Making Of ‘Beginnings’ A simple DIY Hydrangea Bouquet If you have read ‘Our Story‘, you would probably know that I am mostly the tech guy trying to set up the online platforms so that Wan Zi would be able to showcase her creations. However, my interest in flower arrangement grew as I […]

Beginnings – A Simple Hydrangea Bouquet


Season’s Feature ‘Beginnings’ Hydrangea Bouquet with Babies’ Breath Great things start with small beginnings. May I humbly add to this age-old truth, nothing great happens if we don’t begin at all. First steps are the hardest to make. One of the greatest lie we sell ourselves is how badly we will be judged or criticised […]