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Our First Bespoke Bouquet

Gerbera and Eustoma Bouquet

Gerbera and Eustoma (Bespoke)

Wouldn’t it be great if you can receive a gift that is specially customised for you? It was such a joy for us creating these bespoke gerbera and eustoma bouquets for our friends! Their stories add tons of value and meaning to these flowers, making them more than just a beautiful arrangement of flowers. A gift that is created with its recipient in mind is so special, and will surely be a gift to remember. Because of this, we believe in co-creating and designing our bespoke bouquets together with our clients!

Classy Bespoke (6)
Look at the joy these flowers bring to the florist!

A bouquet inspired by stories

It was a bonus for us that these were going out to friends. We took the opportunity to listen to the stories of our friends and understand their tastes and preferences. As it turns out, their stories were what inspired us to create this beautiful gerbera and eustoma combination! 

What makes this bouquet even more special was that it was made by combining preferences of two different receivers. In other words, we managed to create a bouquet out of two special occasions: the first being an anniversary celebration and the other, a birthday celebration!

Bespoke Bouquet (crates)
Bespoke bouquet at a different angle

A bouquet created with the recipient in mind

We worked with our friend to understand that his girlfriend of 5 years loves daisies and the colour pink. Well, we later realised that she was referring to the common English daisies instead of the gerbera daisies but she loved it still! Our other friend, on the other hand, had no preferences in terms of flower types but loves a huge purple bouquet.

We then decided to challenge ourselves to create a single design out of those preferences. We figured that both pink and purple are complementary and would look really nice together. Of course, gerbera was our main flower in focus. 

Combining the 2 bouquets
One design for two different occasions!

A bouquet created for the occasions

Initially, we had initially decided on combining the gerbera with vintage roses. However, as we were roaming around Far East Orchid, we chanced upon the beautiful purple eustomas and eventually chose them to be part of the arrangement. The meaning behind eustoma is also heartfelt emotions towards someone else. It fits perfectly with our theme!

A bouquet with a focus 

We also swapped the chrysanthemum spray with limonium. Spray chrysanthemum are made up of distinct flowers, which we thought may steal the limelight from our star, the geberas. Limonium, on the other hand, has got a shrubby appearance which allowed the geberas to rest snuggly on them. 

What We Used

Floral Selection

  1. Ten gerbera stems
  2. Six eustoma stalks
  3. A bundle of limonium


  1. Scissors
  2. Adhesive tape
  3. Wrapping paper
  4. Mini pegs (for clipping the gift card)
  5. Floral food (Chrysal)
  6. Ribbon



Gerberas tend to have weak stems that are easily bent and broken. Their petals are very delicate as well. We had to be very mindful and gentle while handling these flowers so that they do not get damaged in the preparation process. Some of the stems are naturally curved so we really had to be creative in our arrangement as we work with these curves.


Eustomas come in very leafy stems and it took us some time to trim and condition the eustoma stalks before they were ready for arrangement. Although they may look textured and hardy on pictures, they are actually very soft. In fact, some of the flower buds actually fell off while we were trimming the leaves!

Eustoma (4)
Eustoma stalks (trimmed)


Limonium has a very similar preparation process to gypsophilia (baby’s breath) which we used for our first Seasons’ Feature (Beginnings). As what we have learned from our previous attempt with gypsophilia, we separated the limonium bunch into single stalks that can be easily managed later on in the floral arrangement process!

Limonium (1)
Limonium bundle (trimmed)

Floral Arrangement

Design Considerations

As our main flower in focus is the gerbera, we started off with arranging a few gerbera stalks around the central axis, slotting in a few eustoma stalks and limonium in fill up the gaps and give the bouquet more volume.

We were also experimenting with height by adding eustomas on top of the gerberas. Also, it would be a waste if these beautiful deep purple eustomas were not given a chance to show themselves.

The arrangement was slightly tilted in one direction and seemed to be off-balanced visually, so we used the limonium stalks to provide the visual counter-weight. By doing so, we managed to create a visual balance, in colours, heights and how the flowers are being spread out.

Our colour selection is based on complementary pink and purple, with the eustoma buds adding a tinge of yellow-green to the overall colour palette.

Gerbera-Eustoma Bouquet (handheld)
Classy Bespoke
Bespoke Bouquet (handheld)
Purple Bespoke

And that’s that! It was really an enjoyable learning experience co-creating this gerbera and eustoma bouquet with our friends but more importantly, we are really happy that they loved the bouquets that are customised to their tastes and preferences!

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