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Making Of 'Beginnings'

A simple DIY Hydrangea Bouquet

Simple DIY Hydrangea Bouquet

If you have read ‘Our Story‘, you would probably know that I am mostly the tech guy trying to set up the online platforms so that Wan Zi would be able to showcase her creations. However, my interest in flower arrangement grew as I invested more time into researching on floristry. Hence, I decided to give it a try myself!

The idea of taking baby steps is one of the most important principle that I personally live by. Hence, I began my journey into the floral business with an attempt on a simple bouquet of hydrangea and baby’s breath which we named ‘Beginnings’. Check out our inspiration behind this creation here if you haven’t!

As with anyone on a new venture for the very first time, I felt so unprepared when I first received the lovely flowers from Far East Orchid. The excitement of receiving the flowers lasted for a short five minutes before I went straight to next phase which was that of uncertainty. I found myself asking ‘What’s Next?’. 

Nevertheless, I started to unbox and place the materials needed for the hydrangea bouquet nicely on my workstation (my dining table).

Unpacked Materials - Beginnings
Materials after unboxing (5 hydrangea stems and 750 g of gypsophilia)

Materials used

Floral selections:

  1. Five hydrangea stems (Kenya)
  2. 750 g of gypsophilia (Baby’s breath) 


  1. Scissors 
  2. Adhesive tape
  3.  Ribbon (paper-based)
  4.  Blue and purple kraft paper (60 cm by 60 cm)

Learning Points

1. Always start off by mentally planning your steps first.

Imagine and visualise how the hydrangea bouquet should look like and walk through the steps in your mind. This helps you to stay intentional in every step you take while arranging the flowers.

2. Prepare your materials first before attempting to arrange them.

One big mistake that I made was to immediately get on with arranging only to realise that my baby’s breath was not sorted out. Baby’s breath are difficult to handle with one hand (your other hand will be preoccupied with holding the base of the hydrangea bouquet) given that they tend to get stuck together in a bunch. So sort that out into units that can be easily handled with one hand first.

3. Use a pair of shears instead of a pair of scissors.

My scissors were blunt and did not fare well given that the hydrangea stems are very thick. A blunt cut can damage the stem and affect water absorption. Also, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to let these lovely hydrangeas absorb water more easily.

4. Your stems should form a spiral as your arrange your flowers.

This helps your hydrangea stems feel more secure as they are being layered in, with all the stems wrapping in the same direction. Watch the video below for a visual reference.

5. Practice the basic technique of wrapping a bouquet

I chose a very simple wrapping technique for the hydrangea bouquet that involved less than 5 steps. Watch the video below for a visual reference. For the finishing touch, tie the wrapping paper together with a ribbon. Avoid using paper-type ribbon as they leave unsightly creases and wrinkles. If possible, use the cloth-type ribbon. Alternatively, you can use a twine too!

What can be improved?

The whole idea of documenting down the process is not just about reminding myself of what I’ve done but more importantly, finding out what can be done better for the next attempt.

1. Stay intentional when taking every step. Always ask myself what each step is trying to achieve rather than doing things randomly and hoping for the best.

2. Get a garden shear.

3. Start early and give myself buffer time just in case something goes wrong.

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